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Organic Fertilizer Program
Great lawns and landscapes need proper drainage, proper watering, and good soil.  The best way to improve your soil without flat out replacing it, is by aeration, topdressing, and a comprehensive fertilizer program.  When it comes to feeding your lawn and landscape, it is important to treat the soil as well as the plant. 

Our program is designed to encourage healthy alive soil that grows healthy lush turf and plants.  Our granular fertilizer works to build your soil's structure while feeding the microorganisms living in it.  By using a slow release product, your soil continues to take in nutrients that benefit your lawn and landscape.  Once we spread the granular fertilizer, we spray your turf and flower beds with John's Recipe for foliar feeding and Agrispon for microorganism soil building.  This drenches your landscape and soil with vital nutrients to encourage the lushness you desire in your yard.  This process also helps in regards to your cities water restrictions.  Since we are spraying your lawn after each granular application, there is no need for you to "water it in."   Just continue your normal watering schedule.  Each product for each application is specifically chosen to effectively work together, offering you a complete approach for your property. 

We offer 5 applications a year.  The schedule is as follows:

FebruaryCorn Gluten Meal, Agrispon and John’s Recipe
Corn gluten meal is the high-protein fraction of corn. Nature's Guide® Corn Gluten Meal is an exceptionally pure, 60% protein corn gluten that is used as a natural lawn fertilizer. Iowa State University claims that it helps prevent weed seed germination.  Therefore corn gluten meal should not be applied to areas planned for new seeding, because it may interfere with germination.  Application in the early spring and again in the fall is recommended.
9-0-0 analysis.

AprilTexas Tee 6-2-4 Fertilizer, Agrispon and John’s Recipe
A “blended turf” fertilizer inoculated with a host of beneficial microbes, enzymes and amino acids and, with an N-P-K of 6-2-4 it is one of the most nutrient rich organic plant foods on the market.
Made with feather meal, alfalfa meal, soybean meal, wheat midds, corn meal, kelp meal, molasses, humates, yeast and compost Texas Tee will help achieve a healthy, safe and highly disease resistant turf.

MayTexas Tee 6-2-4 Fertilizer, Agrispon and John’s Recipe
We apply the same formula as we did in April.
June Texas Tee 6-2-4 Fertilizer, Agrispon and John’s Recipe
We apply the same formula as we did in April, just before we take a break from applications during the hot summer months.

SeptemberCorn Gluten Meal, Agrispon and John’s Recipe
We apply Corn meal gluten again in the fall to provide the soil with nutrients for the winter and to get a head start for spring.

John’s Recipe
This fast-acting and economical fertilizer is perfect for all plants. John’s Recipe™ is a blend of seaweed, Medina Soil Activator, humic acid, and molasses, along with emulsified and hydrolyzed fish. It contains no artificial chemicals and will not pollute. The fish products are a nitrogen source ideal for all plants. Seaweed contains trace minerals and growth enhancers that promote strong root systems and help plants deal with stress. Medina Soil Activator stimulates beneficial foliar and soil microbes. Humic acid unlocks soil minerals, stimulates enzymes and amino acid activity,  increases chlorophyll synthesis, and encourages beneficial microorganisms. Molasses is a source of carbon, B-vitamins, and is food for beneficial microbes.

A liquid, metabolic stimulator that encourages root growth and top through biological activity. It is used for soil, foliage, and seed treatment to enhance plant growth and health. It reduces drought stress and salt stress and makes better use of all fertilizer elements, especially nitrogen. By increasing microbial activity, Agrispon increases nitrogen fixation by microorganisms. This is a concentrated bio stimulant formulated from plant and mineral extracts.

A good fertilizer program is just a starting point for a properly maintained yard.  Other factors that need to be considered are mowing height, water frequency and depth, aeration, top dressing and mulch.  We take all factors into consideration when determining the proper height to mow your lawn.  More shade requires taller grass blades and St. Augustine grass needs to be maintained taller than Bermudagrass.  Summer time brings higher watering demands for your yard, and as rainfall increases during the winter months, the demand drops.  So having your sprinkler system adjusted each season is crucial to proper growth, and prevention of disease and pest infestation.  If your soil is too compacted due to people or pet traffic, you may need to aerate, and then have a top dressing applied to your lawn so that the roots can get air, nutrients for growth and water.  Taking each of these factors into consideration will go a long way towards a healthy lush lawn that you can enjoy.

Pricing Structure

Up to 4000sqft will require 1 bag granular and 4oz of concentrated liquid fertilizer---$72 per application

4000-6000sqft will require 1.5 bags granular and 6oz of concentrated liquid fertilizer---$88 per application

6000-8000sqft will require 2 bags granular and 8 oz of concentrated liquid fertilizer ---$104 per application

8000-10000sqft will require 2.5 bags granular and 10oz of concentrated liquid fertilizer---$125 per application

10000-12000sqft will require 3 bags granular and 12oz of concentrated liquid fertilizer ---$146 per application

12000-14000sqft will require 3.5 bags granular and 14oz of concentrated liquid fertilizer---$167 per application

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